Hot tapping

不斷水工法 Hot Tapping

不斷水分支開孔或管道冷凍是在不關閉整個供水系統的情況下使用液氮修復水管的過程。通過隔離區域和安裝旁路來修復故障管道和更換故障閥門,確保複雜的管道配水網絡的不間斷水流。傳統的管道固定方法需要關閉整個系統,導致時間和金錢的損失。另一方面,不斷水工法 Hot tapping是一種經濟高效且省時的方法。

水管冷凍止水工法 Pipe Freezing.

Before carrying out repair works onsite, we need to undertake several experiments on different types of waterpipe to estimate the liquid nitrogen supply rate to ensure a safe and smooth completion of the ice plug formation process. There are generally two approaches to make sure that the pipe-freezing method is safe, time-sensitive and appropriate: (1) we measure the water pressure at both sides of the jacket; (2) we monitor the external characteristics and the frost growth to accurately predict the completion of ice plug formation inside the pipe. Approach #2 has already been patented ( Patent No. TW201938923A).

The success of the experiments, testing and onsite application confirmed that this innovative freezing method was safe, cost-effective and suitable to be used efficiently in semiconductor factories and modern buildings.