Hot tapping case studies
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Hot tapping case studies

Xiang Tai Water & Electricity’s hot tapping and pipe-freezing innovative methods have garnered several successful case studies, working for over 15 years with Taiwan Semiconductor Company (TSMC), for over 10 years with Taipei 101 building, Taipei Water Department, Taiwan Water Company, and Taiwan National University Hospital (NTU), among others.

Ensuring the uninterrupted flow of hospitals’ complex piped water distribution networks to combat COVID-19 pandemic, for example, has become a priority. Emergency repair works require the mobility and flexibility of pipe-fixing equipment because of the pressure of the growing number of cases, the multiple pipe defects, and the limitation of space at sites. Below are examples of pipes fixing using the liquid nitrogen method at two reference hospitals in Southern and Northern Taiwan.    

Horizontal  pipe in a narrow space location.

 Fast-deployable equipment.

Ultrasonic flowmeter.